A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

SIMPLE SENTENCES/ Negative Sentences

486. Οὐ, or a compound of οὐ, simply denies. Μή, or a compound of μή, presents the negation as willed (desired, hoped, aimed at, assented to, etc.), or as part of an imagined or assumed case. Hence μή is the regular negative in wishes (470, 476) and in subjunctive and imperative sentences (471 - 474, 484). For μή with the infinitive and participle see 564, 572, 579 a and 582 c.

a. Μή with finite modes in simple sentences and principal clauses regularly expresses a willed negative of one shade or another. Both meanings are in so far one that both represent a negative as conceived, rather than as fact.

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