A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

WORD-FORMATION/ Derivation: Denominative Nouns

429. Nouns of quality (all feminine) are made from adjectives, and occasionally from nouns, by adding to the stem the suffixes -τητ, -ιᾱ, -συνᾱ. Abstract nouns often become concrete, being applied to special instances of the quality or action:

a. Suffix -τητ, nom. -της (cp. Latin -tāt, -tās):

πιστότης faithfulness πιστό-ς faithful
(σ)μῑκρό-της smallness (σ)μῑκρό-ς small
παχύ-της thickness παχύ-ς thick
b. Suffix -ιᾱ, nom. -ίᾱ or -ια, before which a final stem-vowel is lost:
φιλ-ίᾱ friendship φίλο-ς friend
ἀποικ-ίᾱ colony ἄποικο-ς away from home
εὐδαιμον-ίᾱ happiness εὐδαίμων happy
εὔνοια good-will εὔνοο-ς friendly, kind
ἀλήθεια truth
(for ἀληθεσ-ια)
ἀληθής true
ἀσθένεια weakness
(for ἀσθενεσια)
ἀσθενής weak
ἀθανασ-ίᾱ immortality
ἀθάνατο-ς immortal
εὐεργεσ-ίᾱ benefaction
εὐεργέτης benefactor
c. Suffix -συνᾱ, nom. -σύνη, before which a final consonant of the stem is lost:
δικαιο-σύνη justice δίκαιο-ς just, right
σωφρο-σύνη self-control σώφρων self-controlled

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