A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

WORD-FORMATION/ Derivation: Verbal Adjectives

410. With the suffix -ο (cp. 403) are formed some words that may be used as adjectives or nouns at will. As adjectives some have a feminine in -ᾱ (cp. 404), others are of two endings. Not a few such adjectives (or nouns) are used as the second part of a compound (446 c), though not found separately:

Adjective Verb
λοιπ-ός (ή, -όν) left, remaining λείπω leave
ἀγωγ-ός (redup.) leading, guide ἄγω drive, lead
-ποι-ός making
(400 d)
ποιέω make
-μάχ-ος fighting μάχομαι fight
-ηγ-ός leading ἄγω drive, lead
-φόρ-ος bearing φέρω bear
-ήκο-ος hearing
ἀκούω hear

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