A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

WORD-FORMATION/ Derivation: Verbals

401. A few verbals, nouns and adjectives, are made from verb-stems without a suffix, by simply adding the case-endings of the consonant declension:

Noun/ Adjective   Verb
ἡ ὄψ voice
from εἰπεῖν speak
ἡ πτύξ fold
πτύσσω fold
ὁ κλώψ thief
κλέπτω steal
ἡ φλόξ flame
φλέγω burn
ἅρπαξ plundering
ἁρπάζω seize
ἡ Στύξ Styx
root seen in στυγ-έω hate

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