A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell


400. a. The shifting of vowels described in 25 and 26 is frequent in derivation, as in declension and conjugation.

b. As in conjugation (cp. 322 and a) a σ, of uncertain origin, is sometimes added to a verb-stem before a suffix. So also θ in στα-θ-μός station from στα- stand, and in ῥυ-θ-μός rhythm from ῥέω (ῥυ-) flow.

c. A final stem-vowel and the vowel of a suffix often contract.

d. A final vowel of a stem is sometimes dropt before a vowel.

e. The consonant changes described in 45-55 are made, as in conjugation (341, 345).

f. A final consonant is sometimes dropt before the ending.

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