A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

VERBS/ The Μι-Conjugation

366. Root-Aorist— Some ω- and μι-verbs, all of them having vowel-stems, make an active aorist in which the endings are added directly to the root as tense-stem (root-aorist). In so far it is like the μι-present and imperfect. In meaning it is like other aorists; but if the verb has also a σα-aorist, that is causative and the root-aorist intransitive. Thus from ἵστημι, ἔστησα I set or caused to stand, ἔστην I placed myself or took my place; from γιγνώσκω recognize, ἔγνων; from δῡ́ω enter, ἔδῡν. (Paradigms, 367.)

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