A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

VERBS/ The Μι-Conjugation: Verbs in -ημι with stem in -α:η-

361. Verbs of the root class (357) with present stem in -α:η- follow ἵστημι (362). They are like δείκνῡμι except as follows:

  1. ά-ᾱσι contracts to -ᾶσι.
  2. The subjunctive contracts -άω- and -άη- to -ῶ- and -ῆ-.
  3. The optative mode-suffix is -ιη-, or in the plural and dual more often -ι- (-ιε- in the third plural), added directly to the stem. The accent never stands before the mode-suffix. (Cp. the passive aorist optative)

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