A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

VERBS/ The Μι-Conjugation: Verbs in -νῡμι

358. Verbs in -νῡμι show the simplest form of μι- present (paradigm, 360).

  1. The final stem-vowel is long in the singular of the active indicative present and imperfect, and in the second singular of the active imperative; elsewhere it is short.
  2. The endings are unchanged: -ᾱσι and -σαν are used in the active third plural; -θι is omitted.
  3. The infinitive active takes -ναι and accents the penult (296 a).
  4. The active participle accents the final vowel of the present stem (170).
  5. The subjunctive and optative follow the ω-conjugation. Sometimes the indicative also follows the ω-conjugation.

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