A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

VERBS/ The Ω-Conjugation: Vowel Verbs, Contracting in the Present

316. Verbs in -άω, έω, -όω contract the stem-vowel α, ε, ο in the present system with the succeeding vowel, in accordance with 29 and 30. (Paradigms, 313, 314, 315.)

a. Note also that ι in the second syllable is retained (on the line or subscript), and that ο with an ι-diphthong (ει, οι, ῃ) gives οι. But

b. In the infinitive, -ειν (from -ε-εν, 274) was no true diphthong (27 a); hence -ά-ειν gives -ᾶν and ό-ειν gives -οῦν, without ι.

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