A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

VERBS/ The Ω-Conjugation: Vowel Verbs, Not Contracting

The Perfect Active System

289. The perfect reduplication is formed as follows:

a. If the verb-stem begins with a single consonant (except ρ), that consonant with ε is prefixt, a rough mute changing to the smooth (47 a):

Present Perfect
κελεύω (κελευ-) bid κε-κέλευ-κα
κωλῡ́ω (κωλῡ-) hinder κε-κώλῡ-κα
χορεύω (χορευ-) dance κε-χόρευ-κα
φυτεύω (φυτευ-) plant πε-φύτευ-κα
θηρεύω (θηρευ-) hunt τε-θήρευ-κα
b. If the verb-stem begins with a mute and liquid (39) the mute with ε is prefixt:
Present Perfect
πλέω (πλυ-, πλευ-) sail πέ-πλευ-κα
c. Otherwise the reduplication is like the augment (265):
Present Perfect
στρατεύω (στρατευ-) serve in the army ἐ-στράτευ-κα
ζητέω (ζητε:η-) seek ἐ-ζήτη-κα
ῥῑ́πτω (ῥῑφ-) throw ἔρ-ρῑφα (48)
ἀδικέω (ἀδικε:η-) wrong ἠ-δίκηκα

d. But γιγνώσκω (γνο:ω-) come to know makes ἔ-γνωκα; also

Present   Perfect
κτάομαι (κτα:η-) acquire makes κέ-κτημαι
πῑ́πτω (πετ-, πτω-) fall πέ-πτωκα
μιμνήσκω (μνη-) remind μέ-μνημαι.

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