A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell


231. Some common adverbs do not readily fall into classes. Thus the adverb for ἀγαθός is εὖ well; from ταχύς the old adverb τάχα quickly means in prose perhaps, while ταχέως or ταχύ means quickly; from several prepositions are made adverbs in -ω: ἄνω above, upward, κάτω below, ἔσω within, ἔξω outside, πρόσω forward, πόρρω, πόρσω farther on, afar. Other adverbial endings are -δόν, -δην, -στί, -εί: ἔνδον within, στοιχηδόν in rοws, κρύβδην secretly, νεωστί lately, ἔλληνιστί in Greek, ἀμαχεί without fighting, πανδημεί with full levy.

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