A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell

Stems in -οντ

166. Αdjective stems in -οντ are declined like λέων (121, 122 b), adding the neuter forms in -ον and -οντα and the feminine

ἑκών, ἑκοῦσα, ἑκόν willing

ᾱ̓́κων, ᾱ̓́κουσα, ἆκον unwilling

Participles in -οντ of the ω-form (when the ο belongs to the tense-suffix, not to the verb-stem) are like ᾱ̓́κων and ἑκών:

παύων, παύουσα, παῦον stopping

λιπών, λιποῦσα, λιπόν leaving

For participles in -οντ οf the μι-fοrm see 169.

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