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Edited by: Christopher Francese, Meghan Reedy, et al.


Francese head shot

Christopher Francese: Project director, editing of notes and Latin text, audio recordings

Meghan Reedy head shot

Meghan Reedy: Essays, editing of notes, audio recordings

JoAnne Miller: Editing of notes on Books 1, 4, and 6

Tom Van Nortick head shot

Thomas Van Nortwick: Introduction to the Aeneid

Blake Wilson: Essay on the Renaissance musical tradition of the Aeneid

Jonathan Rockey: Audio recordings

Letizia Palladni head shot

Letizia Palladini: Audio recordings

Ryan Burke head shot

Ryan Burke: Drupal Developer

Lara Frymark: Frieze Vergilian dictionary digitization, vocabulary list and page creation, LASLA data managment, VBA programming, macronization

Tyler Denton head shot

Tyler Denton: Editing of notes on Book 2

Lucy McInerney Head Shot

Lucy McInerney: Editing of notes on Book 1; gathering of geographical data for GIS maps; annotation of Eimmart illustrations

Katy Purington: GIS maps; annotation of Sebastian Brant's illustrations.

Michael Niu head shot

Michael Niu: Gathering of manuscript images; creation of video based on Brant and Eimmart

Seth Levin head shot

Seth Levin: vocabulary data and visualizations

Collegium in performance

Dickinson College Collegium: Performance of Renaissance musical settings of texts from the Aeneid

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