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Pageviews: the total number of pages viewed over the date range in question. Repeated views of a single page by the same user are counted. A Pageview is counted every time a specific page is loaded.

Unique Pageviews: the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. Unique Pageviews are counted for every session, including distinct sessions by the same user during the specified date range (30 minutes of inactivity ends a session). A Unique Pageview is counted for each page URL + page Title combination.

Users: distinct IP addresses that have had at least one session within the selected date range. Includes both new and returning Users. A User is counted in every session that User visits the site or a commentary during the selected date range. Subtracting the figure for New Users from this figure yields the number of people who visited, left, and returned.

New Users: the number of first-time Users (distinct IP addresses) during the selected date range. They may be returning Users from a time before the selected date range.

November 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Bede Ecclesiastical History75059587193
Tacitus Agricola1,081937126233
Vergil Aeneid12,52110,7601,5592,344
Tacitus Annals452380191240
Allen & Greenough18,09516,0458,3219,937
Caesar Gallic War17,49114,4151,3182,432
Callimachus Aetia1,5881,275256348
Cicero Against Verres815631156218
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei952842145221
Latin core vocabulary8,1006,8151,5062,230
Greek core vocabulary1,4651,188189459
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal8,4886,9771,2941,623
Lucian True Histories4243422270
Ovid Amores5,1364,2331,0901,432
Sulpicius Severus4773744474

October 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Bede Ecclesiastical History67611826
Tacitus Agricola1,5311,295155273
Vergil Aeneid13,94811,9451,4062,166
Tacitus Annals467396186240
Allen & Greenough19,03816,7818,67010,177
Caesar Gallic War19,88316,5381,5312,631
Callimachus Aetia1,291993227285
Cicero Against Verres1,138909211277
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei777641151219
Latin core vocabulary7,8686,6751,5212,279
Greek core vocabulary1,209925182439
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal11,0699,2571,4661,846
Lucian True Histories2612152870
Ovid Amores3,3672,7969531,180
Sulpicius Severus1471212850

September 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola951755122229
Vergil Aeneid12,26210,0951,3371,925
Tacitus Annals420344145195
Allen & Greenough15,82113,9207,2048,251
Caesar Gallic War19,83816,3521,9572,831
Callimachus Aetia1,023831146211
Cicero Against Verres913669168225
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei396337151192
Latin core vocabulary8,2406,8001,6232,291
Greek core vocabulary1,2951,078273497
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal7,3856,1221,1641,460
Lucian True Histories3362493165
Ovid Amores2,2911,848723883
Sulpicius Severus86712241

August 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola59347469166
Vergil Aeneid3,8563,169569926
Tacitus Annals356298133175
Allen & Greenough8,4367,4693,4974,018
Caesar Gallic War7,2365,9831,0901,500
Callimachus Aetia1,027804146227
Cicero Against Verres30425787123
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei24018968103
Latin core vocabulary6,1995,0011,5011,993
Greek core vocabulary1,006854187408
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal3,1442,512663810
Lucian True Histories3773053681
Ovid Amores1,6741,332573709
Sulpicius Severus7254826

July 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola32826646105
Vergil Aeneid2,8962,431397617
Tacitus Annals311257104132
Allen & Greenough5,8665,0572,3692,732
Caesar Gallic War2,0411,640271481
Callimachus Aetia436376115158
Cicero Against Verres34728175109
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei1451125073
Latin core vocabulary4,9874,1371,1951,599
Greek core vocabulary968755170376
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal1,6331,416590669
Lucian True Histories431372150
Ovid Amores1,156955248352
Sulpicius Severus2924221

June 2017

Tacitus Agricola34327163138
Vergil Aeneid5,2433,9406581,019
Tacitus Annals350289121158
Allen & Greenough7,1166,2453,2323,719
Caesar Gallic War4,9003,980551975
Callimachus Aetia1,008781142204
Cicero Against Verres490392114154
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei32327958106
Latin core vocabulary4,7333,8961,3321,742
Greek core vocabulary826658190374
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal2,2251,910700853
Lucian True Histories2472102061
Ovid Amores1,5061,257455593
Sulpicius Severus2341931951

May 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola1,039876132263
Vergil Aeneid11,4079,3671,4022,224
Tacitus Annals520420162219
Allen & Greenough10,3029,1364,9735,748
Caesar Gallic War17,71014,5431,4112,365
Callimachus Aetia1,8271,455349460
Cicero Against Verres538442177250
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei516446116189
Latin core vocabulary6,8755,7791,6282,192
Greek core vocabulary1,033807235408
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal6,1855,2021,3311,603
Lucian True Histories3973072588
Ovid Amores3,7093,0669501,244
Sulpicius Severus103841335

April 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola1,3821,14687215
Vergil Aeneid11,4159,7111,2692,080
Tacitus Annals626538222277
Allen & Greenough8,0527,2243,6914,331
Caesar Gallic War18,25015,1001,3602,330
Callimachus Aetia1,001755167236
Cicero Against Verres595480195244
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei35230583129
Latin core vocabulary7,9476,8501,3381,891
Greek core vocabulary995747251423
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal4,2643,5201,1761,352
Lucian True Histories3613063170
Ovid Amores3,6163,0448371,138
Sulpicius Severus103801941

March 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola1,07089279218
Vergil Aeneid15,41812,6981,2842,146
Tacitus Annals307273154194
Allen & Greenough7,0936,1983,3643,973
Caesar Gallic War15,29912,6071,3272,190
Callimachus Aetia1,6371,133209288
Cicero Against Verres451391147185
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei28024289128
Core Vocabulary Lists7,9976,6831,9222,711
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal4,3903,6371,2571,468
Lucian True Histories2512072767
Ovid Amores3,9923,3778971,248
Sulpicius Severus94671535

February 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsNew UsersUsers
Tacitus Agricola43837445134
Vergil Aeneid13,61611,4161,1261,916
Tacitus Annals333268111155
Allen & Greenough6,7935,9412,6733,197
Caesar Gallic War15,02512,5101,2442,112
Callimacus Aetia786565167241
Cicero Against Verres962791133193
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei439365115158
Core Vocabulary Lists7,6736,4781,6892,457
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal6,1035,2051,2111,418
Lucian True Histories2452153064
Ovid Amores3,9353,2809241,241
Sulpicius Severus1651352253

January 2017

PageviewsUnique PageviewsUsersNew Users
Tacitus Agricola727607261128
Vergil Aeneid10,6989,1051,6451,020
Tacitus Annals32226814493
Allen & Greenough5,6194,7902,8592,407
Caesar Gallic War17,11314,1162,4561,556
Callimachus Aetia950788277206
Cicero Against Verres1,026869163104
Cicero De Imperio Cn. Pompei29824913282
Core Vocabulary Lists8,8747,3972,6231,800
Cornelius Nepos Hannibal 5,4184,3611,2501,108
Lucian True Histories3202479850
Ovid Amores 3,7053,0911,175946
Sulpicius Severus48741174108

In 2016, 106,772 Users visited the site, for a total of 586,630 pageviews. There were 212,916 sessions, 50.8% of which were from Returning Users, and 49.2% were New Users. Thus, of all new visitors, about half returned. 

These reports were prepared by James Dappert (Dickinson '17) and Chris Francese, using Google Analytics.