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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar


610. In many cases measures of the same time may be substituted for each other, a long syllable taking the place of two short ones, or two short syllables the place of a long one.

In the former case the measure is said to be contracted; in the latter, to be resolved:

a. A Spondee (¯ ¯) may take the place of a Dactyl (¯ ˘ ˘) or an Anapæst (˘ ˘ ¯); and a Tribrach (˘ ˘ ˘) may take the place of a Trochee (¯ ˘) or an Iambus (˘ ¯). The optional substitution of one long syllable for two short ones is represented by the sign ˘˘.

b. When a long syllable having the Ictus (§ 611. a ) is resolved, the ictus properly belongs to both the resulting short syllables; but for convenience the mark of accent is placed on the first:—

núnc ex| p˘´rĭar | sítne ă|cē´tō | tĭ´bĭ cŏr | ā´cre in | péctŏ|rĕ´.— Pl. Bac. 405.

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