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Allen and Greenough/New Latin Grammar

Adverbs and Prepositions

434. Some Prepositions and Adverbs which imply comparison are followed, like comparatives, by quam, which may be separated by several words, or even clauses.

Such words are ante, prius, post, posteā, prīdiē, postrīdiē; also magis and prae in compounds:—

neque ante dīmīsit eum quam fidem dedit (Liv. 39.10), nor did he let him go until he gave a pledge.

post diem tertium quam dīxerat (Mil. 44), the third day after he said it.

Catō ipse iam servīre quam pūgnāre māvult(Att. 7.15) , Cato himself by this time had rather be a slave than fight.

Gallōrum quam Rōmānōrum imperia praeferre (B. G. 1.17), [they] prefer the rule of Gauls to that of Romans.

Note— The ablative of time is sometimes followed by quam in the same way (§ 424. f): as,— octāvō mēnse quam (Liv. 21.15), within eight months after, etc.

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