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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Relations of Place

430.Verbs of placing, though implying motion, take the construction of the place where:—

Such are pōnō, locō, collocō, statuōcōnstituō, etc.:—

quī in sēde ac domō collocāvit (Par. 25), who put [one] into his place and home.

statuitur eques Rōmānus in Aprōnī convīviō (Verr. 3.62), a Roman knight is brought into a banquet of Apronius.

īnsula Dēlos in Aegaeō marī posita (Manil. 55), the island of Delos, situated in the Ægean Sea.

sī in ūnō Pompêiō omnia pōnerētis (id. 59), if you made everything depend on Pompey alone.

Note— Compounds of pōnō take various constructions (see the Lexicon under each word).

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