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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Ablative of Price

416. The price of a thing is put in the Ablative:—

agrum vēndidit sēstertium sex mīlibus, he sold the land for 6000 sesterces.

Antōnius rēgna addīxit pecūniā (Phil. 7.15), Antony sold thrones for money.

logōs rīdiculōs: quis cēnā poscit (Pl. Stich. 221), jokes: who wants them for (at the price of) a dinner?

māgnō illī ea cūnctātiō stetit (Liv. 2.36), that hesitation cost him dear.

Note— To this head is to be referred the Ablative of the Penalty (§ 353. 1).

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