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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Indirect Object with Compounds

372. Intransitive verbs that govern the dative are used impersonally in the passive (§ 208. d). The dative is retained (cf. § 365):

cui parcī potuit (Liv. 21.14), who could be spared?

nōn modo nōn invidētur illī aetātī vērum etiam favētur (Off. 2.45), that age (youth) not only is not envied, but is even favored.

temporī serviendum est (Fam. 9.7), we must serve the exigency of the occasion.

Note— In poetry the personal construction is sometimes found: as, —cūr invideor (Hor. A. P. 56), why am I envied?

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