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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar


365. Verbs which in the active voice take the Accusative and Dative retain the Dative when used in the passive:—

nūntiābantur haec eadem Cūriōnī (B. C. 2.37), these same things were announced to Curio. [Active: nūntiābant (quīdam) haec eadem Cūriōnī.]

nec docendī Caesaris propinquīs êius spatium datur, nec tribūnīs plēbis suī perīculī dēprecandī facultās tribuitur (id. 1.5), no time is given Cæsar's relatives to inform him, and no opportunity is granted to the tribunes of the plebs to avert danger from themselves.

prōvinciae prīvātīs dēcernuntur (id. 1.6), provinces are voted to private citizens.

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