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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Genitive with Special Verbs

358. The apparent Genitive animī (really Locative) is used with a few verbs and adjectives of feeling and the like:—

Antiphō mē excruciat animī (Ter. Ph. 187), Antipho tortures my mind (me in my mind).

quī pendet animī (Tusc. 4.35), who is in suspense.

mē animīfallit (Lucr. 1.922), my mind deceives me.

So, by analogy, dēsipiēbam mentis (Pl. Epid. 138), I was out of my head.

aeger animī, sick at heart; cōnfūsus animī, disturbed in spirit.

sānus mentis aut animī (Pl. Trin. 454), sound in mind or heart.

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