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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

GENITIVE WITH VERBS/ Verbs of Accusing, Condemning and Acquitting

353. Other constructions for the Charge or Penalty are—

  1. The Ablative of Price: regularly of a definite amount of fine, and often of indefinite penalties (cf. § 416):—

      Frusinātēs tertiā parte agrī damnātī; (Liv. 10.1), the people of Frusino condemned [to forfeit] a third part of their land.

  2. The Ablative with , or the Accusative with inter, in idiomatie expressions:—

      dē aleā, for gambling; dē ambitū, for bribery.

      dē pecūniīs repetundīs, of extortion (cf. § 352 . a).

      inter sīcāriōs (Rosc. Am. 90), as an assassin (among the assassins).

      dē vī et mâiestātis damnātī ; (Phil. 1.21), convicted of assault and treason.

    Note— The accusative with ad and in occurs in later writers to express the penalty: as,— ad mortem (Tac. Ann. 16.21), to death; ad (in) metalla, to the mines.

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