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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Negative Particles

327. A general negation is not destroyed—

  1. By a following ... quidem, not even, or nōn modo, not only:

      numquam tū nōn modo ōtium, sed nē bellum quidem nisi nefārium concupīstī; (Cat. 1.25), not only have you never desired repose, but you have never desired any war except one which was infamous.

  2. By succeeding negatives each introducing a separate subordinate member:—

      eaque nesciēbant nec ubi nec quālia essent (Tusc. 3.4), they knew not where or of what kind these things were.

  3. By neque introducing a coördinate member:—

      nequeō satis mīrārī neque conicere (Ter. Eun. 547), I cannot wonder enough nor conjecture.

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