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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

SYNTAX/ Comparatives and Superlatives

293. Superlatives (and more rarely Comparatives) denoting order and succession—also medius, [cēterus], reliquus —usually designate not what object, but what part of it, is meant:—

summus mōns, the top of the hill.

in ultimā plateā, at the end of the place.

prior āctiō, the earlier part of an action.

reliquī captīvī, the rest of the prisoners.

in colle mediō (B. G. 1.24), half way up the hill (on the middle of the hill).

inter cēteram plānitiem (Iug. 92), in a region elsewhere level.

Note— A similar use is found in sērā (multā) nocte, late at night, and the like. But medium viae, the middle of the way; multum diēī, much of the day, also occur.

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