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Allen and Greenoug/ New Latin Grammar

THE SENTENCE/ Modification

276. A Subject or a Predicate may be modified by a single word, or by a group of words (a phrase or a clause).

The modifying word or group of words may itself be modified in the same way.

a. A single modifying word may be an adjective, an adverb, an appositive (§ 282), or the oblique case of a noun.

Thus in the sentence vir fortis patienter fert, a brave man endures patiently, the adjective fortis, brave, modifies the subject vir, man , and the adverb patienter, patiently, modifies the predicate fert, endures.

b.The modifying word is in some cases said to limit the word to which it belongs.

Thus in the sentence puerī patrem videō, I see the boy's father, the genitive puerī limits patrem (by excluding any other father).

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