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Allen and Greenough/ NewLatin Grammar

THE SENTENCE/ Kinds of Sentences

269. A Sentence is a form of words which contains a Statement, a Question, an Exclamation, or a Command.

a. A sentence in the form of a Statement is called a Declarative Sentence: as,— canis currit , the dog runs.

b. A sentence in the form of a Question is called an Interrogative Sentence: as,— canisne currit? does the dog run?

c. A sentence in the form of an Exclamation is called an Exclamatory Sentence: as,— quam celeriter currit canis! how fast the dog runs!

d. A sentence in the form of a Command, an Exhortation, or an Entreaty is called an Imperative Sentence: as,— ī, curre per Alpīs, go, run across the Alps; currat canis, let the dog run.

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