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265. New stems are formed by Composition in three ways:—

  1. The second part is simply added to the first:—

    su-ove-taurīlia (sūs, ovis, taurus), the sacrifice of a swine, a sheep, and a bull (cf. § 255 . a).

    septen-decim (septem, decem), seventeen.

  2. The first part modifies the second as an adjective or adverb (Determinative Compounds):—

    lāti-fundium (lātus, fundus), a large landed estate.

    omni-potēns (omnis, potēns), omnipotent.

  3. The first part has the force of a case, and the second a verbal force (Objective Compounds):—

    agri-cola (ager, field, †cola akin to colō, cultivate), a farmer.

    armi-ger (arma, arms, †ger akin to gerō, carry), armor-bearer.

    corni-cen (cornū, horn, †cen akin to canō, sing), horn-blower.

    carni-fex ( carō, flesh, †fex akin to faciō, make), executioner.

a. Compounds of the above kinds, in which the last word is a noun, may become adjectives, meaning possessed of the quality denoted:—

āli-pēs (āla, wing, pēs, foot), wing-footed.

māgn-animus (māgnus, great, animus, soul), great-souled.

an-ceps (amb-, at both ends, caput, head), double.

Note Many compounds of the above classes appear only in the form of some further derivative, the proper compound not being found in Latin.

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