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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Denominative Verbs

261. Some verbs of the Third Conjugation in -uō , -uere , are formed from noun-stems in u- and have lost a consonant i :—

statuō (for †statu-yō ), -ere, to set up, from status, position.

metuō, -ere, to fear, from metus, fear.

acuō, -ere, to sharpen, from acus, needle.

arguō, -ere, to clear up, from inherited stem †argu-, bright (cf. ἄργυρος).

Note Many verbs in u are inherited, being formed from roots in u: as, fluō, fluere, flow; so-lvō (for †sē-luō, cf. λύω), solvere, dissolve. Some roots have a parasitic u: as, loquor, locūtus, speak.

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