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Allen and Greenough? New Latin Grammar

NUMERALS/ Other Numerals

139. The following adjectives are called Multiplicatives:—

simplex, single; duplex, double, twofold; triplex, triple, threefold; quadruplex, quīnquiplex, septemplex, decemplex, centuplex, sēsquiplex (1 1/2), multiplex (manifold).

a. Proportionals are: duplus, triplus, quadruplus, octuplus, etc., twice as great, thrice as great, etc.

b. Temporals: bīmus, trīmus, of two or three years' age; biennis, triennis, lasting two or three years; bimēstris, trimēstris, of two or three months; bīduum, a period of two days; biennium, a period of two years.

c. Partitives: bīnārius, ternārius, of two or three parts.

d. Other derivatives are: ūniō, unity; bīniō, the two (of dice); prīmānus of the first legion; prīmārius, of the first rank; dēnārius, a sum of 10 asses bīnus (distributive), double, etc.

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