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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Irregular Comparison of Adjectives

129. Several adjectives have in their comparison irregular forms:—

bonus, good;mel ior, better;op timus, best.
malus, bad;ior, worse;pes simus, worst.
māgnus, great;ior, greater;ma ximus, greatest.
parvus, small;min or, less;min imus, least.
multus, much;plūs (N.) (§ 120 ), more;plūri mus, most.
multī, many;plūrēs, more;plūri , most.
nēquam (indecl., § 122 . b), worthless;nēqu ior;nēqu issimus.
frūgī (indecl., § 122 . b ), useful, worthy;frūgāl ior;frūgāl issimu .
dexter, on the right, handy;dexter ior;dex timus.
Note— These irregularities arise from the use of different stems (cf. § 127). Thus frūgālior and frūgālissimus are formed from the stem frūgāli-, but are used as the comparative and superlative of the indeclinable frūgī.

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