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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Adjectives of Three and Two Terminations of the Third Declension

115. Adjectives of Three Terminations are thus declined:—

ācer , ācris , ācre , keen , STEM ācri-

ACC.ācremācremācre ācrīs (-ēs) ācrīs (-ēs)ācria
ABL.ācrīācrīācrīācr busācribusācribus

a. Like ācer are declined the following stems in ri-:—

alacer, campester, celeber, equester, palūster, pedester, pute , salūber, silvester, terrester, volucer. So also names of months in -ber : as, Octōber (cf. § 66).

Note 1— This formation is comparatively late, and hence, in the poets and in early Latin, either the masculine or the feminine form of these adjectives was sometimes used for both genders: as, coetus alacris (Enn.). In others, as faenebris, fūnebris, illūstris, lūgubris, mediocris, muliebris, there is no separate masculine form at all, and these are declined like levis (§ 116).

Note 2— Celer, celeri , celere, swift, has the genitive plural celerum , used only as a noun, denoting a military rank. The proper name Celer has the ablative in -e.

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