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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

Case-Forms in the Second Declension

50. The following stems in ero-, in which e belongs to the stem, retain the e throughout and are declined like puer (§ 47):—

adulter, adulterer;gener, son-in-law;puer, boy;
socer, father-in-law;vesper, evening;Līber, Bacchus.

Also, the adjective līber, free, of which līberī, children, is the plural (§ 111 . a), and compounds in -fer and -ger (stem fero-, gero-): as, lūcifer, morning star; armiger, squire.

a. An old nominative socerus occurs. So vocative puere, boy, as if from †puerus (regularly puer).

b. Vir, man, has genitive virī; the adjective satur, sated, has saturī; vesper, evening, has ablative vespere (locative vesperī, in the evening).

c. Mulciber, Vulcan, has -berī and -brī in the genitive. The barbaric names Hibēr and Celtibēr retain ē throughout.

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