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Allen and Greenough/ New Latin Grammar

General Rules of Gender

31. Names of Male beings, and of Rivers, Winds, Months, and Mountains, are masculine:

pater, father; Iūlius, Julius; Tiberis, the Tiber; auster, south wind; Iānuārius, January; Apennīnus, the Apennines.

Note— Names of Months are properly adjectives, the masculine noun mēnsis, month, being understood: as, Iānuārius, January.

a. A few names of Rivers ending in -a (as, Allia), with the Greek names Lēthē and Styx, are feminine; others are variable or uncertain.

b. Some names of Mountains are feminine or neuter, taking the gender of their termination: as, Alpēs (F.), the Alps; Sōracte (N.).

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